Last mile solution for UPS ASC

One of the most interesting and challenging projects we've done in 2020 is so called "Last mile solution" (LMS) for UPS authorized service contractor in Latvia
When package is arriving to a country, both courier and consignee are interested to make delivery smooth and fast. That's why there is a reason to notify consignee and motivate him/her to respond with delivery detail confirmation or update.

Our system distributes information regarding new parcel arriving via SMS. Consignee is receiving notification, that package is arriving to the country and invited to update delivery related details, such as address and date. Using confirmed data UPS ASC significantly raised their efficiency, while experiencing growth of customer satisfaction level.

Solution is built using multiple APIs

  • SMS API allows to send or schedule information distribution;
  • Address autocomplete API;
  • Consignee data update API.

Last mile solution
Consignee can change parcel delivery details
Combining the best existing and creating new methods we've built the best in class solution, which gives excellent user experience, while powering up logistics company with higher data quality and allowing to make deliveries in an efficient manner.
The Challenge
Life is never easy with corporations
UPS network has highly restricted security rules and there is no chance to work with their databases directly. At least for authorized services contractors. That's why we have faced a requirement to create a file based data exchange system. In the production system operator uploads approaching parcel data (prepared on UPS side) to LMS and requests updates received from consignees using API.
LMS checks incoming data for validity and notifies operator on possible issues, such as duplicates, broken data formats, empty details, and so on. It also shows total number of processed records and sent messages, which are being sent using professional third party service API.
User experience
We make user experience better

Notification SMS lets consignee know, that parcel is arriving and invites him/her to update delivery details, such as date and/or address. There are four major options provided to a customer:

  • ability to check/change/confirm delivery address;
  • ability to change delivery date;
  • change delivery to UPS location;
  • change delivery to parcel locker (currently not available on UPS ASC side).
One of the best inventions we've done within LMS project is address autocomplete API. It gives unbeatable by its convenience ability to enter addresses using only partial information. In some circumstances consignee is able to find his/her address using the following data combination for example: "4 17 1026". Yes, even without city and street name!
Once customer submits data, information is sent to the database. It is pulled out using API interface by operator on demand. Just before packages are being sorted and loaded to the trucks, new delivery labels are being printed and data is provided to couriers, so they know their updated routes.
Everything is under control
We make operator experience better too
There is plenty of additional features, making Last mile solution the efficient tool for logistics company:

  • operator can select workdays and holidays
    allowing or disabling delivery selection for the specified days;
  • additional messaging allows to display notifications to customers by schedule,
    for example greetings on national holidays;
  • control data flows and exchange.