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On July 1, 2021 we successfully launched our "project of the century" - fully integrated Customs and Clearance system. Now our customers are able to process package customs declaration and clearance fully automatically without human touch, using H7 and IOSS procedures. Real time payment processing and declaration status reporting are automated as well.
Our expertise
Walrus team helps to bridge knowledge gaps
and solve real problems so you can get the most value out of your information systems and run your business more efficiently
  • Data capture and document management
    • Workflow, Dataflow, document processing
    • Forms integration and data exchange
    • API, SOAP, XML, different data sources
  • SharePoint development
    • Solution development
    • Implementation and configuration
    • Data migration
  • PowerApps development
    • List based apps
    • Canvas based apps
    • Data integration with external systems
  • Custom development
    • ASP.Net
    • PHP/MySQL
    • Mobile platforms
Data capture and document management
We are experts in document management,
data capture and business process automation
  • 1
    Workflow and document processing
    Allow your specialists to focus on generating new ideas. Leave manual processes behind
  • 2
    Forms integration and data exchange
    Capture actionable data in real time with forms. Forget about written paper forms
  • 3
    API, SOAP, XML, different data sources
    Connect any data source to any process. Automate data exchange between apps
Special offer to automate water meter data processing
SharePoint development
We have years of experience of development, implementation and integration going all the way
to early days of SharePoint 2010
  • 1
    Solution development
    Create new process solutions and applications right for your needs
  • 2
    Implementation and configuration
    Install, configure, and integrate SharePoint platform
  • 3
    Data migration
    Transfer business information to or from SharePoint on-premise or Cloud
Still have inefficient software? We've got you covered!
Custom development
We are able to develop custom solutions
from scratch or customize existing platforms
to address your business needs
  • 1
    ASP.NET development
    Full cycle software development
    for Microsoft server platform
  • 2
    PHP/MySQL development
    Full cycle software development
    for Linux server platform
  • 3
    Mobile platforms apps
    Full cycle software development
    for iOS and Android
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